​ 不用全背,每个记住主要的

  1. 表示原因

    because , in that , as , since

    because of = be responsible for = due to = owing to = thanks to

  2. 表示结果

    so = hence = therefore = thereby = thus = consequently = in consequence = as a result / consequence

  1. 表示“相似性的“对比

    把and换成:Likewise = similarly = equally = simultaneously = at the same time = in the meanwhile

  2. 表示”差异性的“对比

    把but换成:by contrast = conversely = alteratively = on the contrary = on the other hand = other wise = while = whereas


​ 类似于首先、其次这样

​ besides = also = in addition = moreover = furthermore = apart/aside from to put it another way = put another way =in other words

​ 换句话说(有补充解释说明的作用)


​ 就是虽然,尽管这样的词

  1. Despite = in spite of = notwithstanding = although = though = as = while = even (if) = much as (用于句首)虽然 = granting/granted that
  2. certainly = of cource = indeed = it is sure that …的确
  3. undoubtedly = there is no doubt that …毫无疑问的是
  4. it may be true that …或许真实的是
  5. there is no denying that …不可否认的是…
  6. In effect/fact/reality = indeed = virtually 实际上,事实上,的确
  1. if = providing/provided/suppose/supposing that 如果,假如
  2. in case of = in the event of 万一…

​ to = in order to = so as to


​ 文章开头用的,引出新对象

  1. About = concerning = regarding = with regard to = as for / to = in respect of 关于
  2. in terms of 就…而论,在…方面
  3. when it comes to …当提到…时
  1. Above all = most important
  2. In effect / fact / reality = indeed = virtually 事实上,实际上,的确,其实

​ 结尾的时候用,第三段第一句话,记一个就够了

  1. On the whole = all in all = overall = in conclusion / summary / general = generally(speaking) = as a whole = mainly = substantially = to sum up = conclude = come to the conclusion 总的来说
  2. in short / brief = in a word 简而言之
  3. in any case = at any rate = anyway 总之,无论如何

​ Like = such as = for instance / example = take / consider / think of / remenber … (as an example) = a good case in point is … = from … to … (to …) = to illustrate = as an illustration


  1. 在过去的一千年里,乌镇的水系和生活方式并未经历多少变化,是一座展现古文明的博物馆

    ​ In the past thousand year,the water system and the life way of Wuzhen have not gone through many changes.Therefore,it now is the museum to show anicent civilization.

  2. 在山东潍坊市,风筝不仅仅是玩具,而且还是这座城市文化的标志(玩具是可数名词不能单独使用,要写a toy或者the toy或者toys)

    ​ In Weifang,Shandong,kites are not only for entertainment but also symbolizes the culture of the city.

  3. 这些资金用于改善教学设施、购买书籍,使16多万所中小学受益。资金还用于购置音乐和绘画器材。现在农村和山区的儿童可以与沿海城市的儿童一样上音乐和绘画课

    These funds are used to improve educational facilities,purchase books and more than 160 thousands primary schools and middle schools benefit from it.In addtion,the fund is to be used for purchasing music and painting facilities.As a consequence,nowadays the children in the rural areas can have the music and pating classes as the same as the children in the coastal cities do.

  4. 由于这个传统,许多年轻人婚后继续与父母同住。今天,这个传统正在改变。随着住房条件的改善,越来越多年轻夫妇选择与父母分开住。但他们之间的联系依然很密切。许多老年人仍然帮着照看孙辈。年轻夫妇页抽时间探望父母,特别是在春节和中秋节等重要的节日。


  1. 主语从句



It is beyond dispute that university education promotes the progress of our society obviously.

  1. 同位语和同位语从句


    Garbage sorting,a necessary behavior to control pollution,proves quite cruical throught China.

    Hunting for jobs,a hot topic among undergraduates,has become the public concern recently.


    Optimism,an active mentality,plays a key role in the general routine of everyday living.

  2. 定语和定语从句


    I love this kind girl.

    I love the girl of kindness.

    I love the girl as kind as an angel.

    I love the girl being as kind as an angel.

    I love the girl who keeps so kind.


The Chinese knot was originally invented by the craftsman,which has become a kind of elegant and coloful arts and crafts after hundreds of years of continuous improvement.


Wuzhen,which is an ancient water town of Zhejiang province,locates near the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal,which is really a charming place with many ancient bridges,Chinese style hotels and restaurants there.

剪纸(paper cutting)是中国最为流行的传统民间艺术形式之一。中国剪纸有一千五百多年的历史,在明朝和清朝时期(the Ming and Qing Dynasties)特别流行

Paper cutting is one of the most popular arts in China which has a history of 1.5 thousand years and was quite famous in the Ming and Qing dynasties.


Chinese has had the tradition to celebrate harvest in the Middle-Autumn,which proves quite similar with Thanks-Giving Day in North America.

  1. 状语和状语从句


    1. I love my girlfriend


      I love my girlfriend in order to marry with her.

    2. Keeping pets can cultivate the love heart of children although they sometimes bring much trouble for their owners.

      • or because taking care of those little animals needs patience and care
      • or when there exists only a child in one family
      • or by taking a shower or talking with those little animals
  2. 三大经典句型

    1. 强调句型

      Nothing is more important than self-reliance in a competitive international environment.

      It is because of you that I failed in CET-6.

      (It is xxx that xxx,把强调内容放到前一个xxx)


      There exist numerous factors to account for my argument.




      If you are a tear in my eyes,I will never shed it.

      改成If you were a tear in my eyes,I never shed it.

    2. 倒装

      1. 否定词放在句首用倒装


        Never have I been so happy.


        Under no circumstances can we fail to pour attention into… (gravity重要性/severity严重性)

      2. 含有so…that结构的句子,将so引导的部分位于句首时


        The issue is so grave that we can’t fail to pour attention to it.

        So grave is the issue that…


        Life is so short that it is a waste of time however we spend it.

        So short is life that it…

      3. only引出的状语位于句首时


        Only in this way can we settle the issue/relieve the phenomenon.

  3. 句子的改写和扩写

    1. 我绝不嫁给你

      I will never marry you.(初中水平)

      Never will I marry you.(改成否定,倒装)

      I will marry you when you are rich.(加状语)

      Only when you are rich will I marry you.(用only引出状语加句首。倒装)

      You are the last man that I want to marry.(定语从句)

      By no means will I marry you.

      I will not marry you unless the sun rises in the west.(状语从句)

      If you were the last man in the world,I wound go to temple.(虚拟语气)

      If you married,I would jump into the well.


    2. 自行车很重要

      Bicycles are important.

      Humans cannot live without bicycles.

      be + adji = be of + n bicycles are of great importance to us.

      Bicycles play an important part/role in our daily life.(写作尽量使用词组)

      It is the bicycle that plays an important part/role in our daily life.

      Bicycles are as vital as air and water,which is essential to daily life.

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